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Jul 12, 2023
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Hello world, welcome to my new blog.

It's been over a decade since I put up a simple sandwich board website. Over the years it accumulated a few decorations, but ultimately it's remained simple becuase I didn't want to show people the shell of an empty website I forgot about. There's nothing worse than an engaging and interesting blog that abruptly ends five years ago. I think over the years I became so afraid of this appearance that I let it stop me from writing, from expressing my ideas. Being worried about the reaction to your work can be overpowering and terrifying. On my website though, I have a solution. I control it 100%. I don't need to enable comments, or even provide contact information.

This is my new webiste. I'm goint to try to post as much as I can but there's really no guarantees. That's life. I need to stop being afraid of being the dead ghost blog and just write as much as I can.

I trust that my vibe will attract the tribe required. The honey will undoubtedly bring in a few haters who enjoy the flavor but still find a way to be negative. They are not bad people, they are hurt, misunderstood or traumatized folks who just never got the love and attention they desreved. I trust in my awesomeness and I'm tired of letting the judgement of others prevent me from being my true authentic self.

Hello, world, welcome to the new blog.

Mat with a Salmon

Mat Gilbert is a creative engineer living in Huntington, VT with his Wife and Cat. He goes fishing as much as possible, but enjoys technology and artwork when not on the water.




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